perimeter o

Perimeter O is the recording name of visual artist/sound artist Pernille Meidell. Pernille has her background from the arts: sculpture, drawing, textile and installation. She works with composition through alternating use of electronic devices, acoustic instruments, voice, text writing, field recording and production. Among many things she fancy is slowness, contemplation, repetition, melancholy, mysticism, playfulness and everything hidden in the outskirts. On a daily basis she works as a nurse and runs Breton Cassette. As well as making music under the recording name Perimeter O, she is half of the duo Dachs with Erik Mowinckel.

Release notes

Tour of life/High above-Rhythm-Draw your world-Voices-Tone-Dripping-Simplicityis made while being both quick and slow over a period that crackled from the cold and glowed from the light constantly deciding between the two positions of what to show and what to hide.

Holding a diary is a highly personal activity; proximity, immediate, the everyday theatre. Hosting the ego, boosting the ego, taming your ego. The inside and the outside switches order. Wordless; not trusting that words will cover up for the complexity of it all.

The steps you hear on gravel is me walking out in the hour of the blue, on a height above Oslo where I live. It was a cold winter evening.  I still remember thinking that there is a room, a space to move in thoughts - in mind.


Studio tour / inspiration images

Process: 6 questions.

What is your favorite time of the day in the studio?

Favourite time of the day in the studio is early morning, which I call the golden hour. I am an early riser, and useless in the evenings. I often refer to evenings as "digestion of the day"- and nothing more can be taken in-Sometimes at midday I experience Akedia, a bit of fatigue maybe---- a form of listlessness or dispersion of thoughts. If I manage to conquer this Akedia, night time can even be productive at times.

Can you name one piece of gear essential to your process?

Gear ------------------ my voice & TC-Helicon Harmony G-xt.

Do you have a track composition routine?

It’s very tiring actually, because the process is very chaotic and organized at the same time. I would also say that these are two necessary parts of it. Quite often it’s based on the experiments that I do. I never have a plan, but sometimes I try to have one. I write down on a piece of paper what I am going to do, and then at the end of the day I have ended up doing something completely different . I have already forgotten about the notes, and don’t even know where they are. This is both a good and a frustrating thing, I like the flow it gets me into things, it opens up for a playfulness- but the problem is- how do I do this again——some other time?

After this battle I start to organize what the flow has gotten me into.

Any imposter syndrom?

My imposter syndrome is on 100% all the time

Favorite book?

My brother just released his third novel. I read it- and it was his best so far i think :)

What's inspiring you right now?

Paintings - To draw- which I do almost every day now. It calms me down, connects me to my surroundings- and also gives me parallel thoughts on how to compose music. How to build,  both a two and three dimensional narrative.