Dedicated to preserving unfinished and unreleased works from the studio, Diary embarks on a sonic journey where fragments of memories come alive, the machines breathe, dream, love, and drag listeners along the captivating path of artistic creation.

Unleashing the unfinished: a gateway to the creative process
Diary is more than just a sub label; it is a project that peels back the layers of the creative process, offering a unique perspective into the minds of musicians and their artistic endeavors. The project aims to celebrate the raw beauty of unfinished works, showcasing the moments where inspiration strikes, melodies are born, and emotions run wild.

Breathing life into unreleased creations
In the world of Diary, forgotten melodies find their voice, and dormant compositions see the light of day.
This remarkable endeavor cherishes the magic that happens in the studio, where musicians embark on a journey of musical exploration and experimentation. From the earliest recordings to the latest studio sessions, every fragment is woven together into a rich tapestry of musical ingenuity.

Embracing memories and emotions
Diary delves into the very essence of human expression, capturing emotions that often lay hidden within unfinished works. Listeners will find themselves transported through a sonic landscape that resonates with the universal human experience - memories of love, joy, heartache, and everything in between. These unreleased gems embody the authenticity and vulnerability of artistic expression in its purest form.

Diary is a project of Sonic Dialogue, a music label based in France.